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It is that time of the year where you may be actively working on your new years resolutions and goals for 2019. I want to share with my favorite powerful affirmation. I think this affirmation is the most powerful one I’ve tried and it can help you to achieve your health, fitness, and personal goals. It will indeed improve your health and change your life in a positive way!

This affirmation is surely a mind hack as it will change your actual neurological processes for the better. If you’ve avoided affirmations because it seemed hokey, you might want to reconsider.

I strongly believe that this affirmation has helped improve my well-being and quality of life. Science supports the use of positive affirmations to spark true happiness and peace within yourself, in your relationships, and in your day-to-day encounters with the world. Because words spoken with intention carry powerful energy that within seconds change our actual chemistry!

Science Proves Positive Affirmations Work

Scientific research suggests that the use of positive affirmations produce chemical changes in the brain that create measurable results for those who use them.

A study of 326 cancer survivors found that optimism and self affirmation promote adaptive coping, goal achievement, and better health. Participants of using positive affirmations had lower likelihood of cognitive impairment, greater happiness, and hopefulness (1).

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Anger and Frustration Weakens our Immune System

When we get angry and frustrated we literally weaken our immune system and wreck havoc on our bodies. One study separated individuals into two groups, one experiencing care and compassion and the other anger and frustration (2). The study found that the care and compassion group produced a significant increase in immune system response and a feeling of relaxation. While the anger and frustration group produced a significant decrease in immune response from one to five hours after the emotional experience. Furthermore the group reported a variety of physical symptoms including headaches, indigestion, muscle pains and fatigue (2).

With time mental states create actual changes in our brain, positive affirmations create positive connections between neurons in our brain. This releases feel-good chemicals that create a positive mood and boosts our immune system.

I Choose Love Affirmation

This affirmation is simple, short, and effective, all you have to say in your mind or out-loud is, “I choose love” anytime you feel the need to. These can include but are not limited to, stressful situations, difficulties with other people, and when you are feeling angry.

If this affirmation does not resonate with you, find an affirmation that does. The most important thing is that it has to have enough meaning for you to tell your body to “STOP, let’s change the script here.” Instead of going down the same road again leading to stress, anger, and frustration you steer toward peace and calmness.

finding love for youself

The Love Affirmation Applied to 3 Everyday Situations

1. When You Are Running Late

Whether we are running late for work, an important business meeting, a family diner, or a job interview – tension is running high. We often automatically imagine the worst scenarios like losing our jobs or upsetting loved ones. In response to our thoughts our bodies get tense and we release stress hormones.

When you are running late tell yourself, “I choose love,” and repeat it as many times as you need to until you feel the stress melting away. You are sending love toward yourself and the situation. It eliminates the frustration you are feeling and will help you arrive to your destination safe, calm, and collected.

2. When You Are Experiencing an Interpersonal Conflict

Sometimes we come across people who are feeling frustrated and inadvertently take their emotions out on us. It can be our family, friends, co-workers, or even people we don’t know. In response our defenses can go up and we feel ourselves getting angry. During the conflict, tell yourself, “I choose love,” and just imagine sending love to yourself and the person involved. It takes a lot to do this and it’s sometimes the hardest thing to embrace, because we have our own opinions and egos to save. But stating this powerful affirmation will help you soften the emotions that may surface.

Ultimately, it will prevent some of the unpleasant chemical disturbances that anger will manifest within you. It will reduce defensive responses to threatening situations, leading to a positive outcome.

3. Starting a New Diet or Fitness Routine

The love affirmation can counteract some of our negative thoughts and habits, enabling us to achieve self empowerment.

We can be really hard on ourselves when we start a new diet or exercise routine. Not even realizing it many of us are engaging in negative self talk as motivators. When achieving your health and fitness goals try to be gentle with yourself.

I often found myself thinking, “ I hate this part of my body.” I would exercise strenuously because I hated it. One day I looked at my face in the mirror while exercising and realized my expression was sad and tormented and, it wasn’t caused by a shortness of breath from exercising.

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I also noticed this same sad expression on hundreds of other peoples faces while they were exercising. When I became aware of this I started using the, “I choose Love” affirmation. I repeated it over and over as I exercised until I felt the tension in my body shifting. My facial features literally softened and I felt like I was able to enjoy the exercise because I love my body, not because I hate it.

Now, when I run in the park I do my affirmation and smile to other joggers and pedestrians. Some of the time I can get others to smile back and break their distressed look. As I choose love for myself, I send the love along the way. You should try it, it feels so good!

Choose love when making these amazing positive changes in your heath, not because you have to but because you love yourself!


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