Keto Butter Coffee Recipe With Collagen for Unlimited Energy!

Carbohydrates:  0
Calories:  278
Fat:  26 g
Protein:  9 g

Prep time:  5 minutes

This super charged keto coffee recipe will surely revive your morning. I feel like roadkill after a long night of work, but this pick-me-up keto butter coffee recipe with collagen feeds my body the important nutrients it needs, gives me brain power, and unlimited energy. It allows me to have a super productive day no matter what the circumstances because my brain is focused and I’m energized!

It’s a high-performance drink that has a tremendous effect on your energy and brain function. This coffee is tailored for professional athletes that want to up their game, to people like us that need more energy to make our days productive, efficient, and fun.

These nutritional powerhouse ingredients like grass-fed butter and collagen powder give you a sustainable boost of energy that just doesn’t stop. It’s certainly a top bio-hack. It’s not like that disgusting feeling of a jittery coffee high that makes you crash after a few hours. Already making your day a game over, this is a whole new ball game. In fact, as the hours pass you will gain more energy as your body goes into deeper ketosis, and I love it!


Possible Benefits of Drinking Keto Butter Coffee

  • Improve your mood
  • Boost brain function
  • More energy for a harder workout
  • Long lasting energy
  • Burn Calories faster
  • Increase fat burning and fat loss
  • Increase Fullness
keto coffee butter collagen bulletproof


8-12 ounces water
2 1/2 tbsp coffee (can be less)
1 tbsp grass fed butter
1 tbsp MCT oil
1 Scoop collagen powder (20g)


1. Make a cup of coffee any way you like. I like to use a French press which allows me to customize the strength of my coffee.

2. Pour your brewed coffee into your blender (Ninja, Nutribullet, etc.) and add grass fed butter, MCT oil, and collagen powder.

3. Blend for about 10 seconds. It will become frothy on top, yum.

4. Pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy it’s epic taste!

Bulletproof Coffee

I first heard of the butter coffee idea from Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. I absolutely love his product line. Feel free to use any brand of coffee you like. I stick with Bulletproof brand coffee because it is has been tested to be free of mold. I also find the Brain Octane Oil to be some of the highest quality MTC on the market.

Best for Low Carb or Ketogenic Diets

In order to obtain the full benefits of this drink you should stick to a low carb or a ketogenic diet. Drinking this coffee while eating a lot of carbs will not produce the desired effects mentioned. I drink this coffee with a very low carb breakfast (usually no more than 5g). This allows my body to run solely from fat and gives me unlimited energy for a good 4-5 hours.


best keto coffee recipe

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been found to contain disease-fighting antioxidants. Studies show that an average cup of coffee might contain more polyphenals than green tea or black tea. The Bioflavonoids in coffee can actually make you smarter, sharper, and improve memory and mood.

Benefits of Grass-fed Butter

Grass-fed butter is higher in essential nutrients. It may help provide protection against different types of cancer, decreases inflammation in the body, and helps the body store muscle instead of fat.

Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and may help with weight loss through reduced calorie intake. It increases fullness and curbs your hunger. It may also increase the body’s ability to burn fat and calories and reduce body’s fat storage. MCT oil can help you work out harder as you have more energy to push yourself to new levels.

There are various forms of MTC oil, I like to stick with Caprylic or Capric acid. These help my body go most efficiently into a ketosis state. My favorite is Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil which is 100% Caprylic. You can also find a combination of both Caprylic or Capric acid which will work great.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, including muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments. Supplementing with collagen can reduce wrinkles, improve skin, strengthen hair, nails, and improve digestion. Collagen may also help improve joint pain and increase muscle mass.

keto coffee health benefits

Ketone Testing Strips

Don’t forget to buy some ketone testing strips so that you can check for yourself how quickly and efficiently your body falls into a ketosis state with this recipe.

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