How To Be Instantly Happy!

Do you remember how happy you were when you aced that test that you studied so hard for?  Or was it when you finally got that new job that you really hoped for.  It almost seemed impossible, but everything worked in your favor and later that night you might have celebrated your good news with friends or family.

Maybe it was a 5k race you finished, weight you lost or a healthy diet you started, a language you learned, a project you finished with your child, or something you learned like cooking or sewing.  Regardless how big or small these were all accomplishments that made you feel good.

These achievements gave you a boost of energy and uplifted your mood.  You were happy and because of this everything around you seemed more amplified.  The music sounded better, the food tasted more flavorful, you had a smile on your face, and life was just simply good in that moment.


Then what happened? After a few days or a week of riding the good vibes, you decided to tackle another goal and became focused on that instead. When the need for you to pursue something new arose, your focus shifted to the new project.  Your previous joy faded as the days went on and soon it became tucked away in the back of your mind with all your other accomplishments.  Again, the process begins as we may tell ourselves, “if only I accomplish this or that then I will be happy.”  It is often an ongoing cycle, and sometimes we get trapped in the midst of it.

We are always so accustomed to setting new goals that sometimes we become stressed in the process as we become goal driven and motivated. We may forget our old achievements because we are already fixated on the next goal, what’s next for me to conquer?   As humans we are programed to be this way, it is why we have evolved over millions of years.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we can still focus on our future goals while basking in the joy of our past accomplishments.  You can take a deep breath and relax into it, knowing that you are already a great achiever!


Make a List of All Your Achievements

On a piece of paper make a list of all accomplishments, both big and small. Don’t forget to include things like moving to a new city or state, helping a friend in a crisis, eating more organic foods, reading a book, taking a vacation, recycling, exercising, signing up for a class, raising children, helping an animal, etc.

Once you make your list, take a look at it and you will realize that there is so much more to be proud of than you have initially imagined.  This will remind you how awesome you already are!

Now take a walk down memory lane, focus on one accomplishment at a time and let the memory fill your body with good energy. Think of your achievement and remember how happy you were in that moment, allow yourself to have that feeling again.



Know that you are an amazing person and that you have accomplished and learned a lot so far in this lifetime.  You are perfect as you are in this present moment, love yourself and give yourself credit for all that you do. Nobody can take this away from you.

Keep your list around and anytime you need a positive boost, it will be there for you. I even know people who have put their list on their refrigerator as a constant reminder, as most people will access their refrigerator at least ten times a day. Or you can even put a cute frame on it and hang it somewhere in your bedroom.

Whenever you look at your list, feel your mood shift in a positive direction and your happiness come alive. Embrace it because you deserve it!


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