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Over the last couple of years a new market has been emerging in the supplementation industry and it’s focused on reducing your hangovers.
The best news of all — these supplements really work and can reduce your  symptoms or even better –no more hangovers for you altogether. Too good to be true? Well it’s your lucky day because I will introduce you to the best supplements to prevent hangovers!

Right now on Amazon there are over 40 supplements targeted for hangovers. Most of them with good ratings. But with so many to choose from it’s hard to get lost in the search for the perfect one. I did the dirty work for you and found two hangover supplements that really work!


It still happens from time to time, I get together with my friends for a drink and one turns into many. The next day wasted laying in bed with a huge headache having that horrible feeling of nausea while swearing to never drink again in my life. However… That has not happened in a long time! Not because I stopped drinking, but instead I have been taking care of myself, eating better and taking antioxidant supplements that make my liver more efficient.


This is my experience using these supplements:

– No headache the next day
– No nausea
– No weakness
– No shakiness
– Less irritability
– Feeling less tired
– Have energy to complete tasks

The two supplements I want to tell you about are Drinkwel and PartySmart, these are the most highly rated hangover supplements on the market. I tried both of them many times and they really work miracles! I also gave them to my friends and husband, and they all told me – major hangover – GONE.

PartySmart 10/10

The manufacturer of PartySmart claims “ The build up of acetaldehyde in the liver results in hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, body ache, burning sensation in stomach, and drowsiness. Party Smart prevents these hangover symptoms by rapidly eliminating acetaldehyde from blood.”

What I love about this supplement is it’s only one pill that you need to take, there is no sleep disturbance, and it’s only 6 natural ingredients. I slept through the night and woke up feeling pretty decent. I did not have my usual nausea, huge headache, and stomach upset. I was able to eat and get out of bed without a problem and get thing done during the day. I was a just a bit tired and had a very small headache. Click here to buy.


Drinkwel 10/10

Drinkwel is also a very effective hangover supplement, I found that it is a bit more effective in eliminating the hangover. It consists of 30 ingredients, 16 standard vitamins and 14 botanical and herbal ingredients. It is suggested to take 3 capsules during the day and 3 capsules with water before bed when drinking.

My experience was that I have a little more difficulty falling asleep because of the stimulant ingredients such as green tea and Rhodiola Rosea. I slept on and off during the night, however when I woke up the next day I had unusual energy and no headache, no symptoms at all. I got out of bed and started cleaning my house. My husband and his friend had no problems sleeping as they are not sensitive to these ingredients. They also woke up without a headache and without the usual symptoms of a hangover.

I experimented and took 2 Drinkwell pills early on in the evening rather than before going to bed and was better able to fall asleep and I felt it was just as effective for my hangover.  Click here to buy.


Which One is Better?

I think both are equally great supplements, I cannot say I prefer one over the other. I do think that if you normally have sleep problems or have sensitivities, a limited ingredient supplement like PartySmart may be a better option for you a it seems to have a more gentle detoxification of the liver. Drikwel is stronger in eliminating your hangover with 30 active ingredients, but may be too much for some individuals.

Drink Responsibly

Whatever you decide, please drink responsibly as these supplements will not prevent liver damage and alcohol poisoning. They are tools to help you feel better the next day. No matter what kind of supplements you take, if you drink excessively, your liver will still take a beating.


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