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All the dogs in my life have contributed in helping me to become a better person. They have showed me unconditional love, made me laugh when I felt like crying, showed me how to have more fun, and reminded me to not always be so stressed out about everything.

This article is a tribute to all the dogs out there who make our lives better everyday!


1. Your Dog Teaches You Unconditional Love

Your dog will love you no matter what you do, what you feel like, or what you look like. It is pure and unconditional love, there are no strings attached. If you had a horrible day at work and you come home sad and angry, your dog will love you just the same. In your dogs eyes, you are the star and the most beautiful person inside and outside. By your dog loving you so much, it helps you to love yourself more as we are usually too hard on ourselves. In addition, having this kind of love from your dog will help you obtain unconditional love towards others.


2. Your Dog Helps you Realize it’s the Simple Things in Life that Matter the Most

My dog knows what’s good in life: going to the park, spending time with others, cuddling, napping, and eating a good meal. Being around my dog has made me realize that it’s the simple things in life that make me the happiest too. I really don’t need to stress with a fancy vacation or have the latest gadget.  Rather what I enjoy the most is a day at the park, spending time with my family and friends, some good food and I am more than thrilled.  Thank you dog for this life lesson!


3. Your Dog Reminds You to Laugh

Dogs always do funny things, there isn’t a day that goes by that my dog doesn’t make me laugh. She always comes up with a new tactic to make my day brightener.  With a dog around, life is guaranteed to be full of good laughs.


4. Cuddling With Your Dog will Cause You to Release Oxytocin the “Bliss Hormone”

When mothers bond with their babies or when lovers cuddle, the love hormone oxytocin is released. There is now evidence that oxytocin is involved in bonding between humans and dogs. Just looking at your dog can cause this hormone to be released in your body.  Oxytocin will help you relax, ease your pain, lift depression, boost the immune system, and it give you a feeling of blissful joy.



5. Your Dog Forces You to Get Exercise

There are days that I simply would not go outside, such as cold winter days. But I know my dog needs to go outdoors, so I do it for her. Once I’m outside I realize how great it feels and I don’t regret it for a single second! The 15 minute walk I initially planned turns into a 40 minute walk and both me and my dog are having fun and getting exercise.


6. Your Dog Teaches You Not to Hold On to Your Emotions

Dogs can become frustrated and will bark and growl for some particular reason, but then 5 minutes later they are playing and having fun. They don’t hold on to their anger and resentment, they forget and move on.


7. Your Dog Makes You More Social

While on our walk, we are always running into friendly people who want to pet my dog or ask questions about her. It helps me to be more social and have conversations with new people.  I have also been part of great communities in dog parks around my neighborhood, which has allowed me to meet some amazing people. I guarantee you, your dog will help attract more people in your life!


8. Your Dog Will Make You Feel Safe

It’s late at night and you are alone, but you have no fear because your dog is there to protect you.  Your dog will be the first to bark and alert you of anything unusual (or sometimes usual if yo

u have a super guard dog like I do). Even though I know my dog won’t hurt a fly, having my dog around makes me feel safe.


9. Your Dog Makes You More Playful

Our dog reminds us to play more often and to enjoy life just like when we were younger. Sometimes we have stressful jobs, serious health problems, or other heavy life situations weighing on us. But when we play with our dog, our mood lifts and it helps us forget about stress for a few minutes. Whether we play ball with our dog, tug of war, hide and seek, or run around the house with them,  we feel like kids again — lighthearted and full of laughter.


10. Your Dog Can Be Your Best Friend and Lifelong Companion

You can count on your dog being there for you through good times and bad times. Your dog will not intentionally disappoint you or break your heart.  Knowing you have such loyalty from your dog will make you feel less lonely and more confident.  Even if the world may feel cruel sometimes, your dog is here for you — waiting to offer you pure love and companionship.




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