Teasel Root the Carnivore Plant that Heals Your Body

I came across Teasel Root while traveling in Europe, another amazing discovery that I just need to share with you. So just like the Venus Flytrap the teasel plant is a carnivore! It is known to catch insects in it’s water filled leaf bases which allows the plant to have larger seeds [1]. In my mind, there couldn’t be anything more amazing than a carnivore plant that heals your body. I love this plant already! The Wild Teasel Plant is a Carnivore! I have already been drinking Teasel tea a couple of times a week just to give my body an extra boost and I feel great. In a previous article that I wrote on Cistus Incanus, I mentioned my relative who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She had multiple treatments with antibiotics and was still struggling with debilitating symptoms for a long time. Her body was weak and she felt hopeless. That’s when she turned to herbs for help. She was prescribed Cistus Incanus and Teasel Root by her herbalist, and after a few months she told me her symptoms were almost all gone. I was intrigued. I went on a mission and did my own research – so … Continue reading Teasel Root the Carnivore Plant that Heals Your Body